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Stake your data assets earn cash without sacrificing your privacy

A composable, privacy preserved user portrait data layer

Data2.cash aims to break down data silos, put users back in control of their data, generate passive income from their data and maximise the efficiency of their data assets

Our value

Building the future of data, together


import your web2 and web3 accounts, generate ZKP and stake it into data2.cash user portrait layer, you earn passive income when your tag was used. Your data is encrypted using zero knowledge and Multi-party computation, so it is 100% safe.


Integrate data2.cash API to access the ready to use, massive user portrait data.

Data Collector

Turn your application into a data collector by integrating data2.cash SDK and get rewarded by collecting data. Your user will also get rewarded by using your application.

Data . Asset . Privacy . Data . Asset . Privacy . Data . Asset . Privacy .

Asset . Privacy . Data . Asset . Privacy . Data . Asset . Privacy . Data .


01Privacy Preserved
02Maximize Data Efficiency
03A comprehensive user portrait
Privacy Preserved

User privacy protection is a prerequisite for users to own data and is our first consideration, we use ZK (Zero Knowledge Proof) , HE (Homomorphic Encryption) and MPC(Multi-Party Computing) technology to ensure the anonymity of user profiles and that users' data is 100% secure.

web2 companies plunder the value generated by our data

Now, in web3, for the first time We have the ability to build a data layer together Take the value back